Top 25 Free Link Directories

There are many websites out there that have lists of thousands of directories (both free and paid) that you can submit your site to. But which ones will actually help you rank. That is my goal at, to maintain a list of only high quality directories. Here is the current list of the top 25 free link directories.

Note: I created a free submission tracking tool to help you keep track of all of your submissions. I highly recommend you use that when submitting to these sites.

1. DMOZ – Domain Authority 93
One of the oldest most trusted directories on the internet, the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) is also the most difficult directory to get submitted to. Feel free to submit your website here but don’t hold your breath, you’ll most likely never get in. Submit to DMOZ using our free submission tool

2. Scrub The Web – Domain Authority 75
Scrub The Web says it is a web directory but it actually functions more like a search engine. What is important though is that Google can index all of its pages so that your link gets indexed. Im not sure that is happening, but it is super easy to submit so you have nothing to lose. Also you need to confirm your listing by email. Submit to Scrub The Web using our free submission tool

3. Directory World – Domain Authority 73
Easy navigation and easy submission. They do offer an express review for about $33 that will get your listing live in 1 day. Submit to Directory World using our free submission tool

4. SoMuch – Domain Authority 66
Easy to submit to, and a really cheap option for a quick review at just $8.95. You have to submit your site first before you can pay for the express submission. Submit to SoMuch using our free submission tool

5. Jayde – Domain Authority 65
You have to be careful with Jayde because their main goal is to collect your email address. They are a top directory just make sure you don’t give them your main email address when you submit. Submit to Jayde using our free submission tool

6. Pegasus Directory – Domain Authority 63
You must choose the proper category you want to submit to before you go to the submission page or you will get an error message. Also I recommend you click on the “Why choose featured” and “Why choose regular” if you’re in the mood for a laugh. Submit to Pegasus Directory using our free submission tool

7. T Section – Domain Authority 62
Go to appropriate category and then scroll down to the footer of the page to find the Suggest A Site link. You have to give them an email address that works so they can send you a verification code to approve your submission. I wouldn’t give them an email you care about just in case. Submit to T Section using our free submission tool

8. Free Website Directory – Domain Authority 59
This is a super old directory with over 250,000 pending free submissions so if you take the free route you will most likely never get in. If you splurge you can pay $9 and get a featured listing. Might be worth it. Submit to Free Website Directory using our free submission tool

9. All The Websites – Domain Authority 58
The directory has strong rankings in Google for terms like “website promotion” so you know Google trusts them. Makes submitting definitely worth it. Submit to All The Websites using our free submission tool

10. Bot ID – Domain Authority 58
Their submission process is a little different than most directories because they scrape your homepage to get the title and description. Once you submit they offer you paid options to get in faster. Permanent link is $36. Submit to BotID using our free submission tool

11. 1ABC Directory – Domain Authority 57
There are a ton of submissions in this directory. Easy submission process. The submit link is on the bottom of the page. You do want to navigate to your category before clicking submit button. Submit to 1ABC Directory using our free submission tool

12. VieSearch – Domain Authority 57
The submit button is at the top right of the page right next to the Search button. They have 2000+ free submissions in the queue so you will be waiting for a long time, if not forever. Express listing is just $9.99. Submit to VieSearch using our free submission tool

13. Business Seek – Domain Authority 56
This directory left me scratching my head for a while as I navigated to my most appropriate category only to find there is no “Add Your Website” link or button there. You can only get to it from the home page. The submission process is also a headache but I think that makes it more valuable because so many others will give up. Submit to Business Seek using our free submission tool

14. Site Promotion Directory – Domain Authority 55
Good directory that ranks well in Google so you know the links will pass some good link juice. Definitely worth submitting to. Note: The submission process times out quickly so if you write a long description be sure to highlight and copy it so you don’t have to type it again. Submit to Site Promotion Directory using our free submission tool

15. Thales Directory – Domain Authority 55
Very simple directory. Wait to choose your category until you submit. Submit to Thales Directory using our free submission tool

16. CipiNet – Domain Authority 54
Not much to say about this one. Just go submit there it’s pretty straight forward. Submit to CipiNet using our free submission tool

17. Link Centre – Domain Authority 54
Super old directory can give you some good link juice. You must create a free account in order to submit. They’ll ask you for a bunch of business info when you sign up but most of it is not required. Also you need to confirm your listing by email. Submit to Link Centre using our free submission tool

18. Directory Fire – Domain Authority 53
Never seen this before, but the way to get a free submission to their directory is to call their phone number. Not sure what the catch is, but otherwise you have to pay $15 to get in. Submit to Directory Fire using our free submission tool

19. Direct My Link – Domain Authority 51
Old directory with over 6000 listings. Featured listing is just $10. Submit to Direct My Link using our free submission tool

20. Amray – Domain Authority 50
I hope you like loud music because once you get to their home page it automatically plays. The submission process is a little confusing but manageable. Your listing can take 90 days to show up. 4-5 days if you pay $10. Submit to Amray using our free submission tool

21. Web Tool Hub – Domain Authority 50
You must create an account first before you do anything else at this directory. Don’t bother choosing your category before you click the submit button because they make you do it all over again anyway. Still worth it though. Submit to Web Tool Hub using our free submission tool

22. LinkPedia – Domain Authority 48
Good site to submit to plus its just $5 for express inclusion and you get deep links with it. Submit to LinkPedia using our free submission tool

23. Info Listings – Domain Authority 46
The free option will take 3-6 months to get included. A featured link will cost you $30. Submit to Info Listings using our free submission tool

24. 9 Sites – Domain Authority 45
Old school web directory but still decent. Only $16 for a premium listing. Submit to 9 Sites using our free submission tool

25. GainWeb – Domain Authority 44
Not a ton of submissions on this site so the links could have some good value. Submit to GainWeb using our free submission tool

The Easiest Way To Submit To These Directories

I have created an awesome tool (it’s free) that allows you to submit your website to all of these directories, and the top paid directories if you want and keep track of all of your submissions.

There is nothing worse than submitting to 1 or many web directories only to forget which ones you submitted to and when.

Click here to see how the free submission tracking tool works

Click here to start using the tool

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  1. Kevin

    Thanks a lot for that humongous list. Exactly what I needed for my websites. Most of them are struggling to get any decent rank even after months of their launch. This shall help a lot. Will check out your free directory submission tracking tool as well. That looks even more awesome. Thnx!!!

  2. Hazel

    I’m glad that I found the great list of submission directory at one place. I just created my travel blog and need some help on the SEO part and how to get more traffic. This is the perfect place to start my journey. Thanks.


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